Guidence on setting up WPF/.Net Core 3.0 app to work with Auth0

We have a .Net Core 3.0 Web API, being consumed by an Angular front end app, both under Auth0’s protection. (I wrote the Web API, and a colleague wrote the Angular front end)

I have now written a WPF app, targeting .Net Core 3.0, which also needs to consume the API.

So the WPF app will need to obtain an access token from Auth0 to be able to consume the Web API. I have remove the [Authorize] decorators from the API endpoints so that I could develop the WPF app without worrying about authentication. But now that the app is finished, I need to tackle the authentication issue. I’m just a bit clueless on where to start, as the examples I’ve found so far have either been for WPF targeting the .Net 4.5+ framework, or Web API’s targeting .Net Core. I have the combination of WPF and .Net Core 3.0. If anyone could give me any pointers, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you

I also very interested in this.

And as an addition - not clear to me, why identintyModel.OidcClient (which is a base for could be targeted as a .NET STandard 2.0, but - can not.