Auth0 Multi-Tenant Organization Setup with Enterprise connections


the documentation is not as clear so I hope the Auth0 Team can clarify the information.

Use Case:
We are 2 B2B multi-tenant software. Our customers have Google Workspace Accounts and we want to offer them SSO so their Employees can easily login to our application. Each customer has his own Organization inside the Auth0 setup.

What information do we exactly need from our customers as they have google Workspace Accounts to enable Google SSO?

  1. Do we or they register the app in GCP? If we then how should we handle the callback URLs as each customer does have his own subDomain?
  2. Do they or we create the clientId/Secret?

How our current understanding is:

  1. We register the app inside GCP (but how are those subDomains for callbacks handled?)
  2. We create the clientId/Secret and the customer simply provides his workspace URL.

Please correct and/or clarify those points and maybe adjust your documentation page :slight_smile:

Note it’s also confusing that we can create Social Logins that then become Enterprise Connections (which we need) but then we can also (manually and not through the api) add the “Google Workspace Integration” through the Auth0 Marketplace. As each of our customers will have their own Google Workspace setup a programmatic way would be preferred over a manual setup.