Auth0 - Laravel connection

I have made a Laravel project using docker and nginx, also I followed the official steps to configure the auth0 connection Auth0 Laravel SDK Quickstarts: Add Login to a Laravel Application it was working fine but had to update the App and the API, so I deleted the old App and API from Auth0 Dashboard and made a new App and API, also updated the, the .auth0.api.json and the variables in the .env, the problem is that after updating everything it says “Oops!, something went wrong” and “There could be a misconfiguration in the system or a service outage. We track these errors automatically, but if the problem persists feel free to contact us.” so after checking the logs in Auth0 dashboard it looks like the connection somehow is using the old client ID that shouldn’t exist :frowning:

Ensure that the .env file has been updated with the correct new client ID and other relevant Auth0 details. It’s crucial that there are no typos or old values. If you’re using Docker, it’s a good idea to restart the containers to ensure all services are using the latest environment variables. Make sure that the Auth0 SDK is configured correctly in your Laravel application. The configuration should match the settings of your new Auth0 App and API. fidelity

docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d


Thank you for the answer, the problem seemed to be in the VM.