Auth0 login setup with Laravel10

Hi! This is basic but I am at a loss.
I have followed the doc in order to set up auth0 with Laravel10.

  1. Installed and published Auth0 on my project
  2. Set up the application in my dashboard
  3. Set up my unique app ID and secret with my project’s .env file
  4. Set up the audience URL of the default Auth0 management API audience URL in my .env file
  5. Setup the cli - verified that the and auth0.api.json has all the details matching the details set with my .env file and with auth0 dashboard.
  6. Cleared the cache: php artisan optimize:clear
  7. Verifide I was operating in the right tenant
    Having done all that, when going to localhost:8000/login I keep getting the “Callback URL mismatch.” error message.
    Is there anything else I have missed? What else is there that I might have set wrong?
    Many thanks in advance