Auth0 Fine Grained Authorization Contextual Tuples Limits

We’re considering using Auth0 Fine Grained Authorization (OpenFGA-like) as the main authorization tool for our APIs.

Based on the documentation we assume that we could leverage the Contextual Tuples for providing extra information for a Check Request query, such as what Organization a User belong to instead of baking this information in the model itself (please let me know if this is a bad practice).

As soon as we started looking into this we saw a remark in the OpenFGA CLI tool about contextual tuples servers having a limit of 20 tuples per request.
We tried to confirm whether this limit is related to the open source implementation or the same limit applies to Auth0 Fine Grained Auth product as well.

Could you clarify what’s the current limitation for Contextual Tuples in Auth0 Fine Grained Authorization product?

Thank you!
Anton S.