Streamline Your Authorization Workflow with Auth0 FGA

Limited early access is available for production usage; learn how you can apply!
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What are your thoughts, folks? Got any questions regarding the article? Share them in the comments!

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Hello @robertino.calcaterra

I want to apply this with multi tenant, how to do so ?

Can I consider each store as a tenant ?

HI Firas,

I think we discussed this in Discord too, but the way we recommend handling multi tenancy is to model that in the model itself, e.g.

type user
type organization
define member : [user]
type resource
define organization : [organization]
define can_access: member from organization

In that way, members can only access resources from their own organization.

Hi @robertino.calcaterra and @andres.aguiar,

I would like to say it’s a great product.
I have a couple of questions for which I would like to get your 2 cents.

 1. When is it going to be available in EU Region?
 2. When is it going to be Publicly Available? Any Estimate?
 3. If we decide to go with Open FGA for now and Auth0's FGA becomes available in the 
     future... how seamless is it to migrate to Auth0's service?

Best Regards

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Hi @Naveen !

We are targeting General Availability in the first half of 2024, likely early Q2. We plan to have an EU region by then.

OpenFGA has the same API and SDKs than Auth0 FGA, so it should be pretty easy to migrate. You’ll need to copy the data from OpenFGA to Auth0 FGA, and the API currently supports that.



Thanks @andres.aguiar,
Much appreciated.

Would you be able to point me to the discord thread on this?

Also wondering between adding org to the AuthModel, or having a separate AuthModel for each tenant (adding tuple to both when sharing an object?)