Announcing OpenFGA - Auth0’s Open Source Fine Grained Authorization System

Fine grained authorization-at-scale, available for everyone.
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The Discord link at the end of the Auth0 OpenFGA article seems not to work for me. Can someone confirm if it works for them?

The same for the CONTRIBUTING link in the article, had to visit the repository and navigate from there.

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Hey @DesignrKnight thanks for pointing that out! The discord link seems to work for me, but I do get a 404 at the contribute link. cc @robertino.calcaterra @andres.aguiar

Can you please double-check the Discord link? Usually, the invite links are usually of format{code} whereas the article has a link that seems to be of a text channel. The link I suppose works only for those who are already part of the server.


Thanks @DesignrKnight, we’ll take care of it. You can use this link The Auth0 Lab for now.

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Thanks for reporting this, we’ll take care of it.

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The link works fantastic, thanks a lot. Happy to help <3

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Links are fixed now. Thanks again!

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Any idea on when this will graduate beyond a Developer Preview?