Writing Tuple Permissions

Is there any thought around being able to lock down a specific API Key or access to only being able to update certain tuple object types?

For example, if I have a reports object and I wanted to give Application X access to write tuples to the database, I was thinking it would be nice to be able to grant them access with their key/access to be able to ONLY write tuples that of the report type.

Hi @stephenbawks1

Yes, that’s coming! We plan to build it on top of Modular Models. You’d be able to specify which application can write tuples to types in a specific module.

Would that work for you?

Yah that is basically what I would need/want.

I think there is very much the idea of different bits of our team member information would be coming from multiple sources. Some would obviously be coming from applications and giving them the ability to write specific application tuples.

There would also be information that is more team member specific in terms of identity and probably be coming from a central identity team.

Another follow up here. When you have multiple modular modules, does the graphical Model Explorer show the extensions that might exist in those modular modules?

Is there any thought on the Module Explorer on being able to collapse certain objects as well? I want to see a certain reports object but I have multiple other users or groups that I may not care about and I would like to collapse from the explorer so they are “out of the way”.

The graph is not aware of modular models yet, but it should :slight_smile:

Is there a time frame for permissions on modular modules?

It’s planned for Q3 this year.