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Auth0 fails with Unknown client upon Google login


I had a working Rails app with Auth0 -> Google authentication.

I was following the instructions to create production keys and did it as instructed. However Auth0 fails mysteriously with “Unknown client” error.

As it all seems correct I turn back to Auth0 with the error:

Unknown client:

where XXXXX-XXXXX is the client ID I got from Google Developer API generated as per the tutorial.


Can anyone shed a light where the problem possibly is?


Hey there @cassio!

Could you provide us with some more context / steps to reproduce etc so we can have as many details to debug as possible also any screenshots and info when exactly this error code appears would be really appreciated!


I found out the error to be client_id messed up between provider and Auth0.

What I suggest is making tutorials clearer and more detailed. After I decided to study authentication over the weekend it became apparently clear, but it isn’t for one longing for a painless, quick integration. Just a suggestion.


Glad you figured it out and thank you a lot for the feedback! I’ll make sure to relay it to appropriate team!