Auth0 Dashboard App "Unable to resolve JTN to webtask token" Error

I have two Auth0 applications (I believe) properly setup in my Auth0 SSO Dashboard app. When I press the triangle (play) button, the app displays (good!). But when I try to access the actual dashboard page (that a user would use), I seem to get this error “Unable to resolve JTN to webtask token.” Thoughts on how to resolve the issue?

5-July-2023 22:10 UTC
It slightly works now by using this “io” to “run” URL change to get it working: Unable to authorize/access Extensions - #5 by lihua.zhang
But only works in edge, and I’m afraid if I clear my cookies, maybe it doesn’t even work there again. Here’s what I see in Edge and Chrome. Chrome…seems to be suggesting the URL is wrong (the io vs run issue)?