Creating users in auth0 for access to sso-dashboard


I’ve created an auth0 administrator account, and created some users in the auth0 administration UI. All looks good. I assign each a password. All still looks good. I’ve created the auth0-sso-dashboard application and can access the dashboard fine as the administrative user. However, for any of the users I created, in the browser, I got to:, and I just get: {“code”:404,“message”:“unable to resolve jtn to webtask token”,“req_id”:“1702418336915.317900”}. I read one post that this URL is incorrect and should be .run instead of .io, but that doesn’t work either. Can you please tell me the correct URL for a user under my auth0 tenant to have access?

Big picture what I’m trying to do:
*setup auth0 as an authenticator for the auto0 portal application
*create users in the auth0 administration UI, for access to the auth0 portal (where I have applications setup)
*have a URL where the user can go to that will prompt him for username/password, allow him to login, then get access to the portal page (where he can select one of the applications in the portal page)
***note: I seem to have access to the portal page for my administrative user, but can’t seem to create just normal users.

To create a URL that allows your users to authenticate and access applications in the Auth0 portal, you can use the Auth0 Lock widget or Universal Login page. Here are the steps to achieve this:

  1. Universal Login Page: You can use the Universal Login page provided by Auth0 to allow your users to authenticate and access applications. The URL for the Universal Login page typically follows the pattern: https://YOUR_DOMAIN/login. Replace YOUR_DOMAIN with your Auth0 tenant domain.

  2. Use Lock Widget: You can also use the Lock widget, which is a customizable login widget provided by Auth0. You can embed the Lock widget in your application to prompt users for their username and password.

  3. Grant Access to Applications: Once users are authenticated, you can configure their access to applications in the Auth0 dashboard under “Applications”.

Regarding the error you encountered with the URL, it seems like there might be a misconfiguration or an issue with the specific URL you are trying to access. I recommend reviewing the documentation for the Auth0-Single Sign-On (SSO) Dashboard application to ensure that it is set up correctly.

To create normal users in the Auth0 administration UI, you need to ensure that the appropriate permissions are granted to the administrator account you are using. You should be able to create and manage users from the Auth0 dashboard if you have the necessary administrative privileges.

If you continue to experience issues, I recommend reaching out to Auth0 support for specific technical assistance regarding the configuration of the Auth0-Single Sign-On (SSO) Dashboard application and user management within your Auth0 tenant.