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When my users go to the authentication page they are being warned that is infected with a virus and all subsequent network connections are rejected.

Turning off avast allows things to work fine and I have not had issues with other virus scanners.

What could be wrong and how can I fix it?

Hey there @Ljkbrost!

I think you can whitelist the auth0 domain in Avast.

Here’s the reference doc to it:

Let me know if you have nay other questions down the road!

That would be a solution if it was only happening to myself. It’s happening to a bunch of people and it says they the IP address is blacklisted.

Any other ideas?

Hi @Ljkbrost, let me look to see how we can move forward in a more wide spread approach. I will respond back with that I can find. Thanks!

It looks the the problem has gone away. From what I could tell, the IP address is no longer blacklisted.

Thank you to whomever got it delisted!


Sounds great, please let us know if you run into any further issues with this. I will be sure to keep this topic open for two weeks just in case :+1:

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