Cyberattacks in the news

whenever i hear about cyberattacks as some sort of political weapon, i wonder if using Auth0 can mitigate if not completely eliminate the threat of cyberattacks.


Hi @edwardsmarkff,

We can definitely try!

One of my favorite things we do is to provide free resources and knowledge for developers who want to become security experts or make their applications more secure.

Our blog and docs have tons of great information for developers who want to level up their security game!

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i am already using Auto0 for everything (except wordpress, that is still coming😊).

but every time i hear about a cyberattack, i just have to wonder why these so-called “victims” arent using better security.

i dont mean to sound so smug, but if these victims had two-factor-authorization enabled and/or using Auth0 (and avast antivirus), i should think that cyberattacks would be nonexistant.

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