Are email workflows such as email verification, password resets and welcome messages free for free users of Auth0?

I am very confused, on the pricing, it says that email workflows are not free, but from my dashboard, I can connect my own email provider, and send test emails. So I want to know, are email workflows like verification, password resets and welcome messages free?

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Hi @forwardapp,

I can look into that for you. I will reach out to our team and report back with more info. Thanks!

Also confused on this. The pricing grid is not clear in this matter. We’re a very small startup and only need this for about 50 users right now. The standard emails are useful if under the free plan.

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Ahh, think I found the answer. “A paid subscription plan is required for email customization.” So presuming free to use if there are no customizations. Reference here Customize Emails

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Actually, would love it if the trial could be disabled to get a sense of what can be done without different feature tiers.

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Hi @dendrascience,

Yes, you are correct that email customizations require a paid subscription. I can confirm that.

Thanks for the feedback on the free trial. Feel free to add a feature request here: Feedback.

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