API Management Pricing (is it M2M?)

I need API Management in order to create Users that will of course be stored in Auth0 but I will add some extra fields to them.

I was checking the pricing page and there you have free, developer and developer pro pricing models.

I need to know if querying API Management is considered M2M and therefore Developer Pro would be the right pricing model for me.

Another question, does Developer pricing model (not pro) allow M2M connections? How many? I’m confused by the image below which is a screenshot of the princing page.


Hi @klosterff!

The Auth0 Management API does not impact the M2M limits. It is available under all plans, including the free plan.

Keep in mind that the various Auth0 APIs have rate limits in place that affect how many users you can register in a certain amount of time.


And I realise I forgot to answer your second question: no, the Developer plan does not include any M2M tokens (again, the Auth0 APIs are still available). The Free and Developer Pro plan do include M2M tokens.

(and for those reading this in the future :sparkles:: check https://auth0.com/pricing for the latest info. These plans can change a bit from time to time)


Great! thanks for your anwer.

Just to be sure, I understand that using the Management API is included in the developer plan, but that does include querying it from my own server (not just from a frontend), right? I didn’t mention that. The way I will use Management API is by queries from my server.

Thanks again.

You can indeed query the Management API from your own server. In fact, you have to: SPAs are not allowed to request tokens for most of the Management API, as that would be a major security issue.

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Thanks for sharing all that knowledge @thijmen96 and contributing to this thread!

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