Developer plan and Managеment API

Hello all,
we have setup a Developer plan and plan to use the Management API. Can you please confirm that we can use it using Client Credentials or other authentication from custom .Net Core Application(not SPA).
Do this count as Machine to Machine and do this requires Developer Pro plan?


Hey there @info9!

As far as what you described you can use those features with developer tier plan. You can check the comparison between each plan if you scroll down at this site:

Thank you, Konrad.

According to the Pricing page(above) the Developer plan does not include Machine to Machine Authentication, but Management API requires a Machine to Machine App( with client credentials). Are we allowed to use Machine to Machine App with Management API using the Developer tier plan?

Sorry it’s quite misleading as it’s in free tier and then in developer pro. I’m quite sure it’s also in developer tier. Let me confirm it internally and I’ll get back to you with the info!

Thank you, Konrad!
Do you have any update?

Hey @info9!

The only info I get back from our sales team is that as of now. M2M is available on free plan, Dev Pro and Enterprise, not in Developer. You pay per api call.

We are currently evaluating another plan so that might change in near future!

Any update on this? The pricing page is not only confusing, but it’s misleading. To include a feature in a free tier that doesn’t carry over as you upgrade onto a paid tier is something I’ve never seen before. In that regard, you actually lose a feature by upgrading. I’ve never seen a pricing strategy like this. Do you know if any progress has been made towards a solution or an alternative?


Unfortunately no progress has been made on that front (M2M available on free, developer pro and enterprise tier), however I will make sure to relay your feedback to appropriate team! Sorry for any inconvenience!

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