API is converting username to lowercase

Is there a way to prevent the Auth0 API from converting usernames to lowercase? I’m using the Public Management API with an Auth0 database to create user accounts by calling the dbconnections/signup endpoint. The issue I’m having is that if a username is passed to the API as mixed case like: TestUser123 when the API stores the username to the database it’s being stored as testuser123. Normally this would be OK, but the application I’m using it in is a legacy one and we have storage paths in another system that rely on the username value and that are case sensitive.

To my knowledge, both the username and email fields are treated as case insensitive (lower cased at creation time) and there’s no configuration toggle available that would allow to do it differently.

Depending on the exact scenario storing the original case sensitive version as part of user metadata may or may not help in achieving a possible workaround, however, I wanted to throw that on the table in case it’s helpful for your particular scenario.

Thanks. This is actually one workaround we are considering. It does complicate things a bit more than we’d like, but it is workable.

Is there a way to customize the sign in page to do this?

Technically, yes, but it would likely require to go fully custom and not use the built-in Lock signup. With Lock I’m not aware of a supported way to capture the original case of the value.

Hello. This may actually put me off using Auth0. There needs to be some way to preserve the username case without having to use metadata adding extra steps and code chars to your project that you would otherwise not need to do.

This can’t be hard to fix/implement. Why leave it?

Also, while we’re on the subject. Why limit the chars in a username to Aa-Zz, 1-0, .-_
What is the purpose of limiting the chars? It’s a username.