AMD x399 Auth0.js compatibility

Is anyone else having issues with auth0.js/Lock 10 and Angular 2 on AMD’s x399 platform?

None of the examples (from or the GitHub repo) work using auth0.js on my x399 box. authResult is returned as undefined from parseHash. However, these examples work correctly on my Intel based system.

I use Lock 10 in an app deployed to a testing server that multiple people around the world have confirmed works, but again it will not function properly on the x399 box. No errors are thrown, and I haven’t had a chance to investigate any further. It just doesn’t take me to the part of the app it should after successful login.

I will continue to investigate after I receive another motherboard (my current one had some debug code problems), but I figure I should ask the community about these anomalies just in case this is an actual problem not isolated to me.

Has anyone else had a chance to test these libraries on x399?

Edit 1) With a new motherboard and cpu, I’m still getting the same issue. Has anyone else tried this?

Edit 2) The parseHash callback is returning the following error: {error: "invalid_token", errorDescription: "Expired token."}

Turns out the library idtoken-verifier uses the current time as set by the OS on the client to verify the id-token. This was wildly off on my system, and Windows was not automatically updating it. After setting the correct time and time zone, all works as expected.