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Trouble updating to new Lock API


I’ve got an older node based webpage using auth0. After getting all the scary emails warning me to upgrade, I finally tool the leap (having the legacy lock toggle is very useful, btw).

I’ve upgrade and installed using npm, in my package.json:

“dependencies”: {
“auth0-lock”: “^11.7.2”

But I’m getting these error in the console (image capture should be below):


Also, here is my allowed sites in my CORS file:


Do you have anything in the “Allowed Web Origins” input box? Seems like I had to add that, too.


yes, I added it (http://localhost:5000) to my Allowed Web Origins as well.


ok - wish I could remember everything I went through because that message is familiar. One thing I had to check was that I was in fact using the latest auth0 libraries (not just lock), etc.: “is it plugged in?” kind of checks.

I assume that everything works fine when you enable the legacy api.