allowedConnections with database and enterprise not working

I am trying to use database connection and Active Directory Enterprise connection in lock. Database connection working great separately. Active Directory Enterprise connection also working separately.
But when i combine both in the app, only database connection users can login. Enterprise Active Directory users unable to login to the app. What i am doing wrong.

const option = {

auth : {

responseType : “id_token token” ,

params : {

state : window . location . pathname + window . location .search,

scope : "openid email app_metadata"



autoclose : true ,

closable : false ,

avatar : null ,

languageDictionary : {

title : "Log me in"


theme : {

logo : ,

primaryColor : #4285f4 ,


socialButtonStyle : ‘small’ ,

allowedConnections : [ ‘xxxxxxx-Enterprise’ , ‘xxxxxxx-Database’ ]


const lock = new Auth0Lock( xxxxxxxx , xxxxxxxxx , option);

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I’m having this same issue when attempting to use ADFS with Username/PW database connection. Both connections will work with social login, but will not work with each other. In the event that both are selected, only the Database connection is available at login.

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I am experiencing the exact same issue, and have spent a full week trying to debug this. Has there been any resolution for this?

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