Lock library allowed connections

Hi there,

I am using lock library to generate the auth form. I configured an enterprise connection and a social connection, the enterprise is with azure and the social with google.
If i add in the allowedConnections parameter the name of the enterprise connection, a button appears saying “Log in at {corporate-connection-name}” and everything works fine, I can authenticate with my corporate account. Here is a picture on how the form looks like
If I add another connection, like the social one and my allowedConnections parameters looks like this now [‘{enterprise-connection-name}’, ‘google-oauth2’], then I get a form with the “Log in with Google” button and a field for inputting a email address. Here is a picture
I want to keep the “Log in at {corporate-connection-name}” button from when I have only one allowed connection defined. I can’t figure out how to do this.
This is how my code looks like:

var lock = new Auth0Lock('clientSecret', 'domain', {
      container: 'root',
      auth: {
        redirectUrl: 'http://localhost:3000/callback',
        responseType: 'token id_token',
        params: {
          scope: 'openid email'
      allowedConnections: ['enterprise', 'google-oauth2'],
      rememberLastLogin: false,
      socialButtonStyle: "big",
      language: "en",
      languageDictionary: { "title": "Auth" },
      allowSignUp: false

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you!

Hi @ciprian,

It looks like you have the config correct. Can you provide me with the name of you tenant via DM so I can take a look at your connections?