Allow auto-selection of a login IdP

Feature: We would like to be able to auto-select which SSO connection to use per user.

Description: Currently when there are multiple IdP options, the user has to choose which one to log into. This is confusing for users that really only ever login into one option – it seems like we should be able to select their IdP automatically.

Also, currently when there are multiple SSO IdP options displayed, they are ordered randomly (from the looks of it, simply based on their connection ID). It would be nice to be able to control this ordering.

Use-case: For example, when a user goes to log in, we could pass in an IdP name as a URL parameter in the authentication request, which would cause that IdP to automatically be selected.

We set up SSO and local auth for various different customers of ours. Anything like this that can make the login process easier for our customers’ users will create a big positive impact for many people.

Hey there @ben.zoon !

I can see options for that :slight_smile:

But rather than describing all of them, let me please ask - are you open to implementing the Organizations feature? One organization = one customer (users of this customer) having assigned their own IdP/IdPs.

Does one of the IdPs you plan to implement communicate via the Web Services Federation Protocol? (Asking because the Organizations feature doesn’t support this protocol).

Awaiting your feedback and, of course, any follow-up questions!