Home realm discovery without list of Idp domain


I have a scenario where I have two Idps, an Azure AD and Salesforce SAML enterprise connection. I cannot specify the IDP domains in the Salesforce SAML connection as they are unknown and could be in 100s but for Azure AD its couple of IDP domains. I am working on having the Realm discovery with Classic Universal Login and was wondering how could I do so that if the email that the user inputs is in the list of Azure Idp domain then it redirects to Azure but for every other user email input it redirects to Salesforce Idp.

Thanks already!

Hey @muhammad.salman Welcome to the Auth0 Community!
we have the following options for selecting multiple connections:

Home Realm discovery for enterprise connections works by specifying the IDP domains at the moment.
For database connections you could specify something like a connection resolver but its not supported for enterprise connections.

There are some other use cases in the above link that might help. Do have a look!