Auto-select an SSO IdP per user

Follow up to Allow auto-selection of a login IdP - #4 by marcelina.barycka

Feature: We would like to be able to auto-select which SSO connection to use per user.

Description: For some background, we are a SaaS company, and we use the Organizations feature where there is an Organization for each of our customers. When one of our customers has multiple SSO IdP options, their users have to choose on the login page which one to log into. This is in theory an unnecessary step for those users that only ever login into one option – it seems like we should be able to select their IdP automatically.

Use-case: For example, when a user goes to log in, we could pass in an IdP name as a URL parameter in the authentication request, which would cause that IdP to automatically be selected. We could also accomplish the same thing with a cookie.

Hey there @ben.zoon !

Have you had a chance to look into Home Realm Discovery?

Yes, we have looked at Home Realm Discovery and Identifier First Authentication. It seems that turning this on will affect all of our Organizations at once, which we don’t want because our Organizations represent different customers with different needs. Also, if Home Realm Discovery selects a third party SSO, the user might end up having to enter their username/email on two separate occasions.

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