Allow adding tags and description to Auth0 tenants

Feature: Allow adding tags and description to Auth0 tenants on the tenant’s Settings page.

Description: Adding description to tenants, can help customers understand the purpose of a particular tenant. For example, having 3 tenants for different environments (production, development and tests) can be given a proper description and help users understand their purpose.
Adding tags can also be helpful to describe the tenant, distinguish it from other tenants and characterize it.

Use-case: Following the example above of different tenants that serve different environments, such as production, development and tests can have description and tags as follows:

  • Production - we can add a description with the list of customers that use this tenant.
  • Development - we can add a description of how to use this tenant, how to update it and test it, or which teams should we contact in case further assistance is required.
  • Tests - the description may hold a link to the QA automation environment that runs its tests against this tenant.

We can also use tags such as LAST_UPDATE_DATE, OWNER, VERSION, etc. that can help us maintain the tenant.

Really useful feature. In our d2d work with Auth0 we manage over then 10 different Auth0 tenants for different clusters and configurations. The configurations are loaded into the tenants automatically using a pipeline. Being able to set tags on each tenant will allow us to identify in each tenant what configurations are loaded into it from the backend process