Adding youtube to Google connection cause repeat login requests

I have set up the code [1] using a custom hosted page and picassa API access so that when I log in with google a subsequent logout doesn’t logout of the provider. Thus the next time I log in in recalls the user and auth is passed. Nice.

However, I simply checked the youtube option under google connection and it now prompts for google user every time I log in. In fact it prompts TWICE per login.

The 1st time is as “Choose an account to continue to” usual but then it asks for “Choose your account or a brand account to continue to”. This 2nd prompt offers the same user account and another with same email for Google+. Is it perhaps this second ambiguity that causes the repeat login prompts. Can I cause it to be remembered somehow?

That 2nd one looks to be coming from Youtube, and you most likely have a couple Youtube accounts associated to your main one. Does anyone else have this happen?