Hello, i am building an application that asks a user to enter their social media profile URLs into a form, i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Can this be done better using Auth0 and if so how. I would prefer the user not having to search for their profile URLs on Facebook or Linkedin. Thanks, MS


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Unfortunately we do not provide this specific use case.

Thank you!

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Can you elaborate please as I understood that Auth0 would allow this - thank you

Hey there @memphisshades!

Can you firstly provide us with more context about your usecase? You want your users to insert those links in the login form and authenticate them based on that?

Imagine this.

I have a user and I am asking a user to provide me with their LinkedIn profile URL. Rather than the user having to key in their profile URL I would like them to be able to add it by clicking a plus on my platform and then keying in their LinkedIn credentials and then my platform getting the PROFILE URL

Then as @karen.bermudez said it’s not possible to achieve that with our platform. They potential way to go about that is developing the UI of the app yourself and then tying it with our Authentication API:

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We are building the UI of our application ourselves. We have looked at your platform and we seem to be able to retrieve all details of a user’s LI or FB account but even though we have PROFILE URL selected on your dashboard we are not getting it. What are we missing

Can you send here a screenshot of what you mean by having profile url selected? Or send me a reproduction steps so that I can go to the dashboard and select that? Thanks!

I don’t know how else to explain this.

You have a list of social media types



If a user wants to enter their facebook URL into their account on my platform how can they do this automatically without cutting and pasting the facebook URL - via AUTHO

Those are types of social connections. Once you enable one of them the user can use their appropriate social media channel credentials to login to your system.

I don’t want them to login to my system

I want them to connect their social media accounts to their account on my system.

So I am asking them to enter their social media profile URL into their record on my system by logging into their social media account like facebook and then facebook sending me their profile url

Using AUTH0 I can get lots of data but even though I have PROFILE URL selected in AUTH0 I am not getting it