Recommendations on "Social Profile" Build and Management Platforms


I’m building a mobile app with social profiles and will be authenticating using Auth0.

To this point, I’m researching the best way to “host” user profile data and allow users to make changes in the setting of the app.

Any recommendations?


Hey there @techlink, can you share with us more details about what settings you would like them to alter? You can leverage social connections and have their profile come across and stored in Auth0 however I want to make sure I understand your desired use case. Thanks in advance!

I think he’s asking about the best way to architect an app – the question is not auth0 specific, but more conceptual.

@techlink: You can store some data in the auth0 user object if it suits you, however in my case I have an API protected by auth0 where I create an entry in a graph database which has a key in it referencing the auth0 user id.

You can do the same in any db.

If you store in the auth0 object, you can use the management api to do changes. I use the management api for basic profile settings like username, email, and password.

If you store in your own object, you will design your own API to manage it.

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Thanks for sharing @simpleauthority :smiley:!

Hi all, thanks for the feedback, helpful!

I believe the assessment is correct with the options being, 1) store data in Auth0, 2) externally.

In this case, the approach will be to connect Auth0 and Firebase for these purposes. Still working through the details, but if there is any additional feedback, much appreciated!

Thanks again

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