Adding Classic Login configuration to Universal Login

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Passing parameters to the webAuth.authorize method to override the specific need for each applications in the Universal Login.

it would be nice if we can add parameters and override the configurations like in Classic Login.
auth0.webAuth.authorize({ allowSignUp: true, allowLogin: false, logo: logoURL, ...extraParams, scope: 'openid profile email', });

All the applications under the same Company might want to use a different login and signup screen and required a different data fields to login or create an account. Right now the possible solution is to use Classic Login. However it’s so limited to modify a UI to make it looks modern just like the Universal Login.

Thanks for the feedback @plueondee! Our product team keeps on eye on these types of requests for community engagement, so let’s hope it gets some upvotes from other community members :arrow_up:

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hopefully people want the same configuration in Universal Loing!

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We have a less technically inclined userbase and we desperately would like the option to customize the styling of the “Log In”, “Sign Up” , and social login buttons to be more overt and descriptive.

Something as simple as being able to change the order, styling, and add a description to each option would probably be sufficient.

Our most frequent support issues are during the login/signup process. A lot of them aren’t aware that say, creating an account with us with their gmail account is different than signing on with Google.