Adding an Auth0 'new user' link to the login

hello - is there any way we can add an Auth0 “new user” link to the login page?

something like this?

Kind of, to my knowledge if you’re using the classic universal login experience with Lock the amount of customization you can perform in the Lock interface is constrained. In particular, I don’t believe there’s a formally support way to add another link like you described in that position simply by configuration.

Technically you can use Auth0.js to implement your classic login page so this would allow you to have full control over the interface. However, this would come at an implementation cost because you would loose Lock specific features.

Alternatively to the above, since Lock is open source you could consider forking the repository and add the link in your version. It would also have some maintenance overhead, but for an additive feature like adding a link that overhead could be much less than the one for using Auth0.js library.

In conclusion, with the Lock library I don’t believe it would have built-in support, but technically speaking the requirement you have is possible.

thanks - i was hoping as a “paying customer” that Auth0 might consider adding it. :grin:

I won’t say that won’t happen, but to my knowledge there’s no plans for it. If you want to pursuit that route I would likely recommend leaving this feedback through as that way you ensure it is seen by the relevant product manager.

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thanks - excellent suggestion. done.