Activation Denied when configuring Auth0training Labs

After some Lab I started to get this error on activating github lab on my DEV tenant

In the Github page I found the massege “user is not authorize”

Hi Mauro,

Yes, unfortunately a breaking change popped up over the weekend. It’s a US holiday on Monday, so expect an update on Tuesday! Thank you so much for your patience.

We are tracking the issue here: Activation Denied · Issue #54 · auth0-training/labs-vscode-extension · GitHub

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@mauro.bocconi We are getting closer to a fix! We’ve determined that the Auth0 server is returning “no tenants” for some users, which means our Auth0 Labs Extension is unable get access to the permissions it needs to your tenant to configure your environment properly. I will provide an update once this issue is remedied.

@mauro.bocconi The issue should be fixed now! Thanks again for your patience.

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Thank you, now it’s working

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