Action triggers for other events

We would like to define flows which trigger actions based on other events. This will allow us to execute automations whenever the specified event is detected. There are a LOT of different Auth0 log event types, almost any of which could be useful as an action trigger for different use cases. Triggering an action on specific log events would allow for automation outside the login, m2m, registration, password reset, and phone message flows.

A few example use cases:

  • If a new SAML connection is registered we could setup an action to record a “createdDate” in the connection metadata.
  • If an OIDC connection is modified, we could setup an action to record a “lastModifiedDate” in the connection metadata.
  • If an application configuration is changed, we could setup an action to ensure the change meets certain validation rules, and automatically revert if needed.
  • If an enterprise connection is enabled/disabled for a specific application we could setup an action to email the application support team and applicable client engagement team for awareness.

Hi @owen.koch,

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Thanks for the feedback. I would suggest checking out Log Streams. You can stream your logs to external providers and set up your own “Actions”. This can be useful for triggering certain things based on certain log event types.

For example, you can stream to AWS and trigger a Lambda function based on a certain event type.

Hope this helps!