Access Token URL Parameter missing when using universal login on mobile websites

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On mobile devices, the callback url does not have an access_token parameter my Single-Page Applicaiton front-end uses to figure out who the current user is.

In order to get the fastest resolution and avoid back and forth, please follow the following steps.

  • Which SDK does this apply to? Auth0 for Single Page Web Application
  • Which verison of the SDK you are using? The latest version of Universal Authenticator
  • Which version of the platform are you facing this error on? N/a
  • Was this code working before? Have you made any changes in the dashboard recently? Yes, it works if you visit on a desktop, but does not work if you visit on a mobile device.
  • Please capture and attach the stacktrace, it helps a lot! Please look at the value of when logging in. On desktop there is an access_token, on mobile there is not.
  • Please share the code that is causing the error. I am not sure.
  • Can you share a minimum reproducible? Please see above.
  • Please capture and attach a HAR from the browser if this is an Authentication Bug / Issue. The access_token URL param does not appear when you visit the website on mobile.

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I solved this, I needed to ensure my callback URLs had the trailing /. Without it, the callback URL did not work properly on Safari.

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Perfect to hear that and thanks for sharing with the rest of community!