Access denied error

My users disappeared, I can’t see logs. Most pages shows me errors. How can I fix this?
Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 18.32.46
Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 18.33.16


Same here. Login doesnt work, half of the management console pages return errors.
It’s been at least 15 hours of inoperability, but status page shows All Regions Operational/All Systems Operational! Created ticket - no response.
Complete disaster Auth0.

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Just to emphasise, this is not only Management Console issue. Main functions of our website are now inoperational because Universal login shows this:

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If you are trying to reach us regarding termination of service today, March 21, 2022, please forward your email to

Konrad Sopala

@konrad.sopala we have the same problem as above, our users can’t work anyone… for 24 hours now

Tenant SISWO.

We are moving to firebase auth right now, but can we turn auth0 on?

You wrote here that our problem is not ukrainian

What to do, we have mobile app, and 2 web apps were working via Auth0.

Ticket system writes that tenant is alive, but my account has the same error as above “reading “map””

Please refer to the message above. Thank you!

Well, that is a disgrace.

  1. Yes, the account was registered from Russia. But this was done for Australian company, all contacts and address are Australian. That was clearly identifiable.
  2. No email about the decision was sent to the email address account was registered with. It was impossible to understand what’s going on.
  3. In addition to that there was no upfront warning.
  4. (cherry on top of the cake) It was not possible to contact you to understand what’s going on - creating ticket and contact sales functions didnt work.

Basically you’ve caused downtime to an Australian company in order to do… what? Could it be worse than that?

Please do forward all those inquiries with context to Thank you!