Okta customer update on the Ukraine Crisis

For more information on our announcement, please review https://www.okta.com/blog/2022/03/okta-stands-with-ukraine/

If you believe your service has been or will be impacted, or you have additional questions, please contact selfserviceteam@auth0.com or contact your Technical Account Manager.


Hello, we may have been exposed to this.
We write software for a company in Latin America,
And the developers are Russian, but not a Russian company.

Could we at least get the information?
About the apps and the action, the users and the roles?

Since yesterday login to the account does not work, authorization services do not work…

Hi Alex. I believe you faced not Ukraine, but this problem: https://twitter.com/MG/status/1506109152665382920?t=mTRHpXnA5zLgQzUB1fvw5Q&s=19

Noone still says anything about this. But lots of logins fail, admin panel does not work. @James.Morrison Auth0, please react at least somehow. Our users can not access our prod apps.

Hello, @asolovieff
Auth0 Support Center - I see on this page that tenant still exists.

Why shouldn’t it exist? We have errors everywhere (please note that I am on US IP, not Russia or Ukraine):


Hey there everyone!

As your problems / concerns are not associated with Okta customer update on the Ukraine crisis can you open a separate topic in the forum for your problems so we can support you? Thank you!

I wrote here.

@konrad.sopala please take a look at

They say colleagues from another team in the Netherlands had the same thing, but with the stage tenant, but the prod was untouched.

We have development tenant

As you are trying to reach us regarding termination of service today, March 21, 2022, please forward your email to customer-care@auth0.com. Thank you.

I sent a letter.
How long does it usually take to get an answer?

Thank you for your good service :slight_smile:


I’m not sure but you should be contacted shortly.


Konrad Sopala