About modify/update the Identifier in API

I have created a new API in Auth0 dashboard. I accidently added “https://auth0.com” as the API Audience which is “Identifier” field. I wish to replace it with a proper one but did not find the Edit button – it looks not allowed to change. Just wonder if there is a way to update this field in auth0 API or I could delete this API then create re-do it?


Hi @susan.zheng ,

Once created, it’s not possible to edit the API Identifier. You will have to delete and recreate the API.

If you have other configurations like scopes and permissions created for that API and don’t want to recreate them manually again, you can use the Get a resource server endpoint to backup those configurations from the old API and use Update a resource server endpoint to set them in the new API.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for helping on this one Supun!

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