Auth0 API Identifiers (URL) for development vs production

I would like to know what the recommended workflow is for developing an API for use with NextJS (following your Code+Tutorials).

My main question follows:

  1. because you cannot update the “Identifier” after you create an API, and
  2. while the API is in development I don’t yet know what URL it will live at but will be using localhost:3001,
  3. I am reticent to create first one for the local environment then another with the same API edges but with a new URL.

What do you recommend?

Thank you

(edit: I’ve reread this post and I think I can clarify more:
Should I be defining the “Identifier” now as http://localhost:3001/ and replace it later with a completely new API instance with a url e.g. This feels like an anti pattern)

Hi @adam.ellsworth,

Welcome back!

The identifier is simply a name for your API. You can call it whatever you’d like. At no point does Auth0 call the identifier, and it doesn’t need to be a working URL.

Thanks for getting back to me. Could you point me to the docs that might go over this in more detail? Only thing I could find were the JSDOC-generated stuff and another forum discussion:

Thank you,

Here is the Auth0 Doc that describes what I explained above:

If you want to dig deeper, this spec might be helpful.

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