Where To Find apiIdentifier?

I am following this tutorial to use Auth0 with my electron app here:
Build and Secure an Electron App - OpenID, OAuth, Node.js, and Express (auth0.com)

However I am having issue locating the said apiIdentifer in that article

When I go to Applications > APIS

There is one entry there named “Auth0 Management API” with API Audience.
Is the value of API Audience the apiIdentifier?

Hello @jomar.amomas welcome to the community!

The API audience and identifier are used interchangeably. If you click into an API from the list of APIs in your dashboard, you will also see an “identifier” value - In this section of the blog post, it describes that you need to register an API. When you do that an API identifier is created and to be used as the audience.

Indeed, in the Auth0 Dashboard, the Programming interface Crowd an incentive for the “Auth0 The executives Programming interface” section ordinarily fills in as the Programming interface Identifier dg dollar general aloreferenced in the instructional exercise. You can utilize this worth while arranging your Electron application for verification with Auth0. If uncertain, allude to the instructional exercise or Auth0 documentation for explicit subtleties on the Programming interface Identifier or Crowd.

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