Can I have multiple audiences for 1 API?

I can’t find out how to do this. I have 2 applications, a frontend browser application and a backend API. Both have configuration in Auth0. if I request a token in the frontend, I want to supply the audience. However, my backend API can run either on a server, or localhost when developing. In Auth0, I can only use the URL of the API running on a server. How do I update my API configuration to also have an audience URL that is localhost?

Hey there @Bas2 , thanks for posting!

Not exactly. The API identifier is a reference value you would use in your front-end app so the Auth0 server knows what API the access token is granted. Our Quickstarts to understand, walks us through where the API identifier value goes.

Please note that this doesn’t have to be a callable URL as Auth0 will not call your API, it can be a random, tenant-level unique identifier.

Please feel free to notify us if you have other questions about implementing Auth0 into your front-end app so that it calls Auth0 to get a relevant access token!

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