A0deploy database custom scripts being exported without custom database

I am doing an export with a0deploy
(full command:a0deploy export --format=yaml -c=auth0/config-dev.json --output_folder=auth0/local)
and I do not have a custom database enabled. However, I still am getting the database/Username-Password-Authentication directory getting exported and it is full of boilerplate/empty scripts. The documentation states that in addition to tenant.yaml, only supplementary files should be exported (actions, branding, etc).

Is this meant to happen, or is this a bug?

Database setup

Directory of files being exported

All scripts are this boilerplate

Hi again @nnikkhoui

I just tested your command and got the same results. This is expected since these are the template scripts provided by default in Auth0 Tenants. I agree that since you’re not licensed for this feature we could exclude them from the export - I will ask internally.

In the meantime, you could exclude databases from the export with an exclusion (I knew they would be useful!) as in the below:

“AUTH0_DOMAIN”: “your-tenant.eu.auth0.com”,
“AUTH0_CLIENT_ID”: “my deploy cli app id”,
“AUTH0_CLIENT_SECRET”: “my secret”,
“AUTH0_EXCLUDED”: [“databases”],
“AUTH0_TENANT_NAME”: “my_tenant”
“{auth0AllowDelete}”: false,

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ok! just wanted to double check that was expected, but yes i agree that it doesn’t make too much sense to have them exported. thank you again @sylvainf !

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We’re here for you @nnikkhoui !

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