A0deploy - can you import "Custom Action Script" settings?

If you look the example a0deploy import script, you may notice that it’s possible to set Custom Action Script for your custom database:

        login: "databases/users/login.js"
        create: "databases/users/create.js"
        delete: "databases/users/delete.js"
        get_user: "databases/users/get_user.js"
        change_email: "databases/users/change_email.js"
        change_password: "databases/users/change_password.js"
        verify: "databases/users/verify.js"

On the admin panel you can also define common settings (key & value pairs) that these scripts can access through the global configuration object.

Question: Is it possible to create these settings using ‘a0deploy import’ ?

Looks like it is not possible.

That is unfortunately correct.

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