A non-technical, lower-privilege "Billing" and "Branding" roles are needed for Tenant Settings members

Add new Tenant Role “Billing” and “Branding”

I would copy the billing role from other service APIs. It allows non-technical accounting teams access to the system to manage payment info, without the risk of modifying something they shouldn’t.

Auth0’s current setup is a security risk because it drives customers to select the Admin role for people who most definitely do not need it. I would look at Mongodb.com for an example of a “Billing” role.

I’m suggesting the “Branding” role at this time also because I think there is potential for that need also, though it hasn’t materialized for us.

Hi @mpekar,

Thank you for your feedback request asking for support for additional Tenant Member roles with Billing and Branding. Let’s hope it attracts as many votes as possible.

Please do not forget to upvote this request!

Thank you.