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I am relatively new to web development and using auth0 hence why I cannot get this to work.

Recently I have secured both our webapplication running an instance of R-Shiny and a wordpress website with auth0. I managed to share the database connection but I would like to see that if you are logged in at one application, you are also logged in at the other application. Given that they share the same client ID/secret and they have access to the same database, how can I make sure that if you are logged in at one application you are also logged in at the other application?

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Hi @TradeCoach

As long as you have a single Auth0 tenant, both applications defined in that tenant, and both applications using the same DB connection, you should get the SSO behavior you are looking for.



Thanks John for helping in this one!

Hi John,

Thank you for the quick response!

I have turned off one of the two databases:

Both applications still work (I can login at each application seperately) and when I manually inspect the url when trying to log in on either, the client ID is the same for both applications.

The SSO behavior I am looking for does not occur, I have to login at each application separately.

Perhaps I misunderstand the concept of “single Auth0 tenant”, please correct me if I am wrong, does a single Auth0 tenant imply that they are both registered under 1 application? As in, that they both use the same client ID and secret? I entered the same client id and secret both in the wordpress configuration and the auth0 configuration file for the R application. The wordpress website and the R application are located at two different servers, I am unsure if that is relevant to solve this issue.

I would love to hear how I can go about solving this issue, I am simply unsure where to look and what to google to solve the issues I encounter.

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Hi Laurence,

Each application should have its own client ID and secret.

SSO is driven by a cookie in the Auth0 tenant domain - are you sure your cookie settings are appropriate and both applications see the session cookie?

I’d suggest logging in using the raw URLs from Auth0’s authentication API (the /authorize endpoint) - you can figure out the parameters by watching the network while logging in to either app, and seeing if SSO works there, trying different browsers etc.


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