"You need to enable Identifier First and assign at least one application to try this connection."

I am trying to customize my Passwordless Connections email template. I assume this requires a custom email provider configured which I have done. I have tested the custom email provider configuration and it works, however passwordless emails do not work.

In Authentication → Passwordless → Email → Try I see a message saying “You need to enable Identifier First and assign at least one application to try this connection.” which I cannot find documented anywhere. I am using a custom login page (which means Classic Universal Login) so under Authentication → Authentication Profile I see “You cannot use a custom login page with Identifier First. Only available when a custom login page is not enabled”.

Is it not possible to customize my Passwordless email while also customizing my login page?

Also this makes it so I don’t even receive Passwordless emails if I use my own email provider.

These interactions are strange and very confusing.

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Hi @ewhite,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Unfortunately, to select Identifier First as your login flow, you must use the New Universal Login Experience.

If you are using the Custom Login Page, this will override the current settings to the Classic Universal Login Experience. In which case, will not allow you to select Identifier First and prevent you from using the “Try” button with Passwordless Emails.

However, you can continue with testing by either:

  1. Calling your login endpoint directly (/authorize)
  2. Going to your Dashboard > Getting Started > Try it out

It is possible to customize your Passwordless email template while also customizing your login page.

After checking your tenant settings, I noticed that you are still using the Auth0 Built-in email provider. Specifically, it looks like you have disabled the “Use my own email provider” toggle.

I recommend enabling this feature and making sure your Mailgun configuration settings are correct. It may also be worth checking Mailgun to ensure emails are being sent when testing.

I hope this was helpful!

Please let us know how this goes for you.


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