Passwordless login not triggered using the New Universal Login with Identifier First Profile

I’m trying out the New Universal Login but I can’t seem to get it working with Passwordless login. The Identifier First profile describes my goal pretty well: when a user types in an email, if it matches the IdP domain of an Enterprise Connection, it will redirect to IdP login page and if not, passwordless login is used. The first part works very well but when I enter an email that’s not part of the IdP domain, I get an error message saying “Email does not match any enterprise directory”, rather than trying to use passworldless login.
I set up an enterprise connection, enabled passwordless login for emails, and selected Identifier first authentication profile, what am I missing?
Thank you very much!

Hello Ai,

Currently, in order to use the Passwordless (Email or SMS) connection in the New Universal Login, you will need to specify the connection name in the authorization request with email or sms (…/authorize?connection=sms&…):

If you would like your users to have an option to use either the Enterprise connection or Passwordless, you will need to switch to the Classic Universal Login.

I hope this helps!

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