"You may have pressed the back..." error if login window stays open


We have an auto logout feature in our application, when the timer is reached, the user is disconnected and redirected to the login page.
If, for example, the user leaves the application open and come back the following day and tries to login, he will receive an error message like “you may have pressed the back button…”.
I suppose there is a lifetime for the state of the login page.

What can we do to solve this ?


Hi @AnthonyDaSilva,

This error can be resolved by configuring a Default Login Route for the tenant, or Application Login URI configured for any applications.

Please see our Users occasionally see an error "You may have pressed the back button..." FAQ for a more detailed explanation.


Hi rueben,

Indeed it works if we do this, thanks ^^

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Hi @AnthonyDaSilva,

I’m glad it worked!

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out.


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