Ws-federation unauthorized_client

I’m setting a test application in the Auth0 dashboard for testing OIDC, (SAML1) and SAML2 protocols.
I was able to successfully authenticate with OIDC, but cannot figure how to configure ws-federation.
I’ve added the allowed callback url and using the WS-Federation endpoint but I’m getting an unauthorized_client error.

I don’t want to connect Auth0 to ADFS, simply to use Auth0 like ADFS for testing
The documentation does not identify what to use for the Wtrealm and says that the Replaying Party can be configured at the following endpoint but then does not provide information on how to change that end point.

documentation points me to rules, but can’t find anything about wtrealm.
Any help would be most appreciated.

ok just found the ws-fed add-in, but it incorrectly redirects to .com instead of .net
I’ve double checked the settings and the supplied Wreply and they are all .net

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