Wrong email or password

Hello, I have problems with Wrong email or password, but I have no idea why this happens, when it occurs I have to delete the user and register again, how to solve this problem?

Hey there @eduardo.andrade!

Could you provide us with more info on that?

  • What stack of ours do you use?
  • Are you sure you are typing in the right credentials?
  • Don’t you use login when there wasn’t no signup?
  • Screenshot of the situation
  • Anything that you consider that will be helpful to help us troubleshoot that

So, in fact it is simple is a registered user who always used without problems, but sometimes happens to appear the invalid password or email message, but this is not true, I’m sure it’s all right, the user registration is done with the auth0’s own database password.

Erro ao tentar se conectar na conta, e esta tudo correto com as informaçoes da conta!
no aguardo URGENTE!

Hey there!


Unfortunately I don’t speak Portuguese (if I correctly guessed your language) so if we want to continue speaking in that language i will be using Google Translator so there might be some glitches :slight_smile:

Can you provide me with more context on that? I see that you cannot login. Are you sure you’re typing in the right credentials? Can’t you restore your password?


Infelizmente, eu não falo português (se adivinhei corretamente seu idioma), portanto, se quisermos continuar falando nesse idioma, usarei o Google Translator para que ocorram algumas falhas: ligam_smile:

Você pode me fornecer mais contexto sobre isso? Vejo que você não pode entrar. Tem certeza de que está digitando as credenciais corretas? Você não pode restaurar sua senha?

Good morning, so the user login data and password are correct, and this has been happening quite often, how could I solve it? do you have any settings in the management panel that i have to change maybe ???

Can you send me via private message your tenant name and this user email so I can investigate that? Thank you!

I had to delete the user, and register again, because the user was in a hurry to access, but I would very much like you to look at the LOGS, because this is happening very often.

Then please send me the information I asked you above via private message. Thank you!

Hey there!

I was asked by the engineering team if you can provide us with the HAR file of the flow when user is trying to authenticate using this credentials so we can analyze what happened behind the scenes of the browser. Here’s the instruction how to do it:

Once you have it please share it with me in the private message you already started. Thank you!

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The problem is that I can’t wait, the user wants to use, wants to work, I can’t wait, and this is happening very intensely, I will try to get this log next time, but if you can see anything else in my environment I will be grateful that this really happens always …
Thank you.

Hey there @eduardo.andrade!

I see that you multiplied your struggle multiple times and opened various threads for the same thing. I’m closing this one as I see that @James.Morrison made the biggest progress in terms of helping you here:

Thank you!