WP Plugin error?


After testing wordpress plugin on test website, i’m trying an installation for another site to replace wordpress login. it’s strange beacause it seems the plugin doesn’t seem to migrate wordpress users. although it seems to insatll without problem. So my wordpress users are not in the custom DB, i canoot login or register user, using dashboard or login form.
Also i have no log at all.

When i try to register a user in dashboard i have an error “Sandbox : error undefined”.

As anyone have an idea what’s wrong?


Hey there!

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Hi Konrad,
Can’t remember how but it managed to solve the error.
I have the basics of auth0 on the wordpress site. So now only a logged in user can see certain pages.
I would like to implement some sort of paid subscription for members now.
Any tips to do that in wordpress?

thank you

Hey there @notorioushanz!

Not sure if it’s the right question to our stack. For implementing paid subscriptions or something like that I would potentially go for Stripe:

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Hi Konrad,

Idid not thought about that.
Thanks, i’ll check it.


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No problem! We’re here for you!