WordPress Plugin Support?


Is the WordPress plugin Login by Auth0 still supported?

I can see the last version was almost an year ago and users’ forum requests are not responded to.

Should I continue to use this plugin for ongoing work?

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Hi @backpackingseries :wave: The plugin is definitely still supported! We don’t provide support through the WordPress forums, though.

You’re welcome to reach out here on the Community with questions, the plugin’s GitHub repo for bug reports or feature requests, or Auth0 Support for direct assistance.


Thank you @evansims

Would you be updating the new versions of your plugin on the WordPress repo? I am not seeing automatic updates anymore. Thanks

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Hi @backpackingseries, future updates will be pushed as appropriate, yes.

We have held off publishing the current release to the plug-in store due to technical reasons — however, you can safely manually update by downloading the ZIP from the GitHub repo for the v4 branch. Or you can wait for the next update, as there isn’t anything major in the version up on GitHub vs the WP plug-in store.

(Just be sure to download from the correct branch, as the current ‘main’ represents development of a new major that isn’t stable yet.)

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Thank you @evansims

  1. You might want to update the Guthub files. At the moment, it instructs to install the plugin from the WordPress repo - which is obviously an outdated version.

  2. Is the Github branch ‘main’ for version5 stable now? Can I download it and upgrade my site?

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